Company and Ice Bath Update

Hello everyone! CRO Fitness LLC is a startup company that is currently working on a solution for Cryo Therapy after physical activity. We will be updating everyone regularly as our progress continues!

Our current progress on our MVP ice bath (name pending) is as follows:

- MVP ice bath dimensions complete.

- Currently in communication with manufacturers for the MVP build to receive quotes.

- Currently working with future MVP early testers for feedback on our product which include gyms and home users.

- Working on the creation of our online presence (website, social media, etc.)

- Communicating with local mentors and support programs (EDC, Ben Franklin, etc.)

- All expenditures have been from our own pockets but we are looking into cooperating with Angel Investors and/or receiving a small business loan to expedite our progress.

We will have much more information to share soon so stay tuned!

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