Our Journey Continues

Hello everyone! It has been quite a long time since our last update here on our Blog for CRO Fitness. We have come a long way moving forward with our prototype. Through all the different versions and ideas made manifest, to rigorous testing and finally having it put into the wild. We here at CRO Fitness can not even describe the anticipation and excitement we have moving on to the next steps. Although our journey has just begun, we are humbled to aid in the journey of others that seek a higher level of fitness, health and wellbeing!

To give an idea of how far we have come, it has all started with our not so human partner and his complaints of having to go buy ice before his workouts and his needs to have a convenient, safe and accessible ice bath that can be placed just about anywhere. With our success, we decided to expand into the human market!

(No tiny dinosaurs were harmed in our testing.)

In all seriousness though, we at CRO Fitness are fitness enthusiasts who did not have access to a convenient, safe and easy to set up ice bath without over spending for what features we thought should be available at a lower price point. So began our adventure with our ice bath. The following is a picture of the prototype that will be going into use and testing with fellow performance athletes to receive feedback. We already have quite the list of improvements that will be present in our production model. Although, we still would like to hear feedback from these athletes and in while doing so, offer a great solution for these athletes, especially the individuals using DIY solutions, so they can achieve superior recovery.

There is much to do here at CRO Fitness, and we will keep everyone up to date with our progress more often now that we have achieved this milestone!

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